Bradley Stewart // Graphic Designer
Southampton Based Independent Graphic Designer - Logo / Stationery / Branding / Print / UI Design / Playing Card Design
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Templars — Personal Playing Card Design

This was a self-initiated project where I took the liberty of creating my own personal deck of cards called “Templars”, homage to the Knights Templar of the Middle Ages. The designs on each playing card infuse intricate detail with simple geometric repetitive patterns to create an appropriate and aesthetically pleasing set of playing cards. The rank of each card in each suite is determined by the number of rings found around each central symbol. Each face card deters from traditional designs by displaying a symbol or design closely related to the card instead of a traditional face or character portrait. The Queens face card portrays a floral arrangement in the centre. The Kings face card portrays an “Eye of Providence” with 2 crowns. The Jacks face card portrays the intricate circle design to loosely relate to the design and level of detail often found on the hats they are shown to wear on other traditional forms of face card.

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