Bradley Stewart // Graphic Designer
Southampton Based Independent Graphic Designer - Logo / Stationery / Branding / Print / UI Design / Playing Card Design

HONEYWAVE — Website & Branding

For this project I worked alongside BEAR London for a university assignment whereby I was asked to come up with a model and brand for a honey selling company. My company was called HONEYWAVE, a honey monthly subscription box that gets sent directly to the subscriber with X3 different jars of honey each month. Each jar comes with a display of sound data created by the bees that made the honey. This in turn creates an interchangeable “logo” which changes each month according to the sound data/honey of that month. My description:


“Honey Wave is the number one monthly subscription box for all honey lovers. Each month, we send you a mystery box containing X3 completely unique and different flavours of our luxury honey (300g jars). In addition, to ensure you know exactly where your honey is coming from, we record the buzzing of the beehive responsible for the making of your honey and use this audio as a guarantee that your honey was created with the healthiest and noisiest bees! You can find the sound of the bees that made your honey every month on our website!”

Web UI.jpg
Acacia Honey Single.jpg
Avocado Honey Single.jpg
Chilli Honey Single.jpg
Cinnamon Honey Single.jpg
Flower Honey Single.jpg
Forest Honey Single.jpg
Ginger Honey Single.jpg
Plum Honey Single.jpg
Pure Set Honey Single.jpg