Bradley Stewart // Graphic Designer
Southampton Based Independent Graphic Designer - Logo / Stationery / Branding / Print / UI Design / Playing Card Design

Filmfriend — App & Branding

For this project I created the brand and identity for FilmFriend, a company that offers a platform of sharing and suggesting popular and new movies with friends in the form of an app. Along with designing an app to go with the brand. The logo itself for FilmFriend is designed to specifically relay the meaning and feel of the brand in just a few seconds whilst still making for an appropriate and clear icon to be displayed for the app on smart phones or tablets. The 2 F’s within the logo join to present a sense of togetherness and connection which are the 2 main themes of the brand. This is combined with a vibrant and friendly colour palette as well as an arrangement of 5 stars to pay homage to the film reviewing industry.

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