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Graphic Designer Interview — Kirill Buynitsky

1. Do you have a piece of advice that you can share to a design student?

“Never stop. No customers, heavy draft, money problems. All this puts pressure and a desire to stop doing design. All this must be endured. Each work your portfolio increases and you grow as a professional."

2. What is a valuable quality for a design student/ design professional to have?

"The ability to listen and hear customers. Try to understand the customer."

3. What is your graphic design process?

"A detailed brief. Detailed map of the associations. The main thing is to think carefully a few days. And then you start to draw."

4. What inspires your creative process and work?

"I am inspired by everything. The main thing is that I'm doing what I love and I get paid for it. I do not know what could be better than this. And, of course, music, cinema, what is going on around. And the good work of other designers!"

5. Final question, what’s your favourite typeface?

"Let it be Helvetica"

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