Bradley Stewart // Graphic Designer
Southampton Based Independent Graphic Designer - Logo / Stationery / Branding / Print / UI Design / Playing Card Design


BSGD Ethos — "We Are Designers, Not Tools"

 Everywhere we look and everywhere we go leads to some variety of graphic design. Whether it is a street sign directing you clearly to the city centre, or a structured article in a newspaper, everything in our society has been designed to influence, communicate and instruct.

 I believe graphic design is the heart of everyday society. In order to convey the message or subject of the design more clearly, as designers we must stick to basic design principles and techniques, and break them when we see fit.

 However, my belief is that graphic design has changed radically, moving from an art form to have more commercialized meanings. As a designer, I have no predicament with this change. However, I have noticed that through this change, we have seen an influx of clients taking the helm of the design process rather than the designers themselves. This in turn puts a cap on our creative input and transforms us from designers to tools, with our only value to our clients being that we have the working knowledge of the current design packages to create the work envisioned primarily by our clients.

 My proposal to combat this is to back a strong collaboration and partnership with our clients. We must enlighten them of our expertise in this art in order to create a sense of trust for us to take back control of the project as we should be doing. In addition to this, we must be prepared for the inevitable moment when we must inform our clients where and how they are wrong with their design judgment. We must be willing to stand up for our work if we truly believe in it. Our purpose is to create beautifully crafted design work with engaging user experience, not to mindlessly follow orders.  This in turn will create a more professional experience and outcome for both the designer and clients gain.

Bradley Stewart