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Graphic Designer Interview — Sean Kane

1. Do you have a piece of advice that you can share to a design student?

"My advice for students is to focus on your strengths and put your effort into those personal passion projects. If you have a unique skill and an attention to detail, getting the work out there is the most important step in establishing yourself."

2. What is a valuable quality for a design student/ design professional to have?

"An attention to detail is a pretty important quality. Many things can be taught and learnt, but if you skip over the small details your work will never be better than somebody who does."

3. What is your graphic design process?

"My graphic design process will be different for each job, but usually involves research, sketching, quick mock ups and client feedback. That usually is a pretty fast process and I tend to focus on the first idea that comes to me which is usually the most obvious solution. From here, the client will dictate some of the design and once we reach a design that is working I being a period of fine tuning. This can involve everything from making a logo pixel perfect to creating a universal grid system depending on the scope of the project."

4. What inspires your creative process and work?

"I am hugely inspired by the Swiss modernist movement and graphic designers like Massimo Vignelli, Josef Muller-Brockmann and Diter Rams. My work might not always be as minimalist as theirs, but I certainly apply a sense of order to everything I do. My mind definitely falls in the more logical rather than creative category and putting restrictions and rules into things I do is very important part of my process."

5. Final question, what’s your favourite typeface?

"My favourite typeface is split 50/50 between Akzidenz Grotesk and Futura. I use Akzidenz Grotesk more, but every chance I get to use Futura, I will!"

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