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Graphic Designer Interview — Roberto Blake

1. Do you have a piece of advice that you can share to a design student?

“Learn as much as possible and people and the world and not just about computers and typefaces and what your professors have to say. Understand what motivates people, understand how non designers work and who relies on them. Understand people and be human."

2. What is a valuable quality for a design student/ design professional to have?

"The ability and discipline to learn on their own as much as possible and an understanding of human psychology. We are artist sure, but we are also here to help people sell things via marketing and advertising that is the paying part of our job. Understanding what people, want need or desire is a key to that."

3. What is your graphic design process?

"Imagine, find a music playlist of instrumentals. Play with colors that fit my mood. Find a font that fist the narrative or one phrase in my mind. Sketch, Sketch More. Write down ideas. Open up my computer. Experiment. Refine. Drink Wine. Refine. Hit Save."

4. What inspires your creative process and work?

"Everything and anything, mostly books I've read but also experience and challenges in life and inspirational quotes."

5. Final question, what’s your favourite typeface?

"I think lately Museo"

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